CD Review: Canciones de Lorca, Prometheus

On, critic Joseph Newsome names new Bolcom CD the Best New Music Recording of 2015.

Excerpt: "Canciones de Lorca and Prometheus, both recorded by NAXOS in performance in Costa Mesa, California ... [are paired] on a most welcome release in the label’s American Classics series. Created under very different circumstances, these works share an ethos anchored by the assertion that, in many aspects of humanity, the impulse to create is far stronger than the will to destroy. Bolcom’s gift for writing for voices, whether individual voices in Lieder or groups of voices in works for the stage, is a vital component of the composer’s own voice, and NAXOS’s recording of poignant, persuasive performances of Canciones de Lorca andPrometheus is a gift to listeners who appreciate Bolcom’s musical ingenuity and the lessons it offers in the art of binding of wounds and healing of scars with song."

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