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Bruce Duffie: An interview with William Bolcom (1992) 

An interview conducted by Bruce Duffie  in Chicago in November, 1992. Award winning broadcaster Bruce Duffie was with WNIB, Classical 97 in Chicago from 1975 until its final moment as a classical station in February of 2001.  His interviews have also appeared in various magazines and journals since 1980, and he now continues his broadcast series on WNUR-FM.

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From the Top: William Bolcom joins teens to play his music 

Listen to the story at National Public Radio 

Visit William Bolcom's Page at National Public Radio 

December 31, 2008 - This week, gifted young musicians gather at Boston's New England Conservatory to perform music by an American original — William Bolcom, who joins them in a concert of his music. A 17-year-old violinist plays the "Graceful Ghost" rag, a 14-year-old soprano enlivens a campy cabaret song, and a teen string quartet performs music Bolcom wrote at age 12. 

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